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Child Support Modification

Have your children not only grown, but have their needs also grown? Does your child have an increased personal need that must be addressed financially? Has your income reduced and your ex-spouse’s income increased? If you meet all or some of these criteria it may be time to consider a child support modification. Both child support and timesharing modifications are based on a substantial, material, and permanent changes in the circumstances since the entry of the last court order. It is important from a financial perspective to document your changes in financial circumstances and that of the child and to keep a good record of those increases.

Some more common situations where child support may be modified are as follows:

  • Disability of a child or a parent

  • Substantial increase in the child’s needs – medical/educational/extra-curricular/age related needs

  • Increase/decrease In daycare/aftercare

  • An increase or decrease of 15% from the last calculated child support order

You will need to complete a new Family Law Financial Affidavit in order to apprise the opposing party and the court of your current financial snapshot. If your child support is no longer appropriate or adequate call our office to schedule a conference to discuss your facts and circumstances. You should have a competent and experienced family law attorney review the circumstances surrounding your potential modification case.

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